Who is Jesus?

For over 2000 years people have debated the identity of this man who turned the world upside down. He’s been labelled a religious leader, a good teacher, a political revolutionary or even just a really nice man. But the important question is – who do you say Jesus is?

That is probably the most critical question you will ever answer.
We believe the answer is found in the pages of the Bible. It tells us that Jesus was indeed a man, where he was born and where he died, but it also tells us that Jesus was God incarnate – God in human form. He was both fully man and fully God. Jesus was conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit, lived an amazing sinless life, and at the appointed time was crucified on a cross.

Why is that significant?

It was part of God’s master-plan to redeem mankind and bring them back to Himself. Jesus died in order to pay the price for our sins, something we couldn’t do for ourselves. He was the promised Saviour who came into the world to save us and set us free. Free from separation from God, free from the penalty of sin, free to live life in all it’s fullness.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news. It declares that Jesus died, but rose again, proving that He had indeed conquered sin and death. For all who believe in him, accepting His free gift of salvation, there would be new liberty and new life.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16 – Bible

If you are not sure whether you are right with God or you know in fact that you need Jesus in your life, you can choose to follow Him right now by praying a prayer of surrender to Jesus.

“Dear Jesus, I’m praying this prayer because I know that I have done wrong by living without you. I am sorry and I ask that you will forgive me. I receive your love and grace for me and accept you would be my Lord. Help me believe in you and love you every day. Help me to show the world what you are like and how great your love is.
In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Congratulations. To pray these words with a surrendered heart to God is the beginning of an amazing journey to follow Jesus. Please let us know if you’ve just made a commitment to Jesus and prayed this prayer by completing the form below: